Primary School Activities and INSET.


Many Primary schools recognise the power of Adventure and Outdoor Learning especially at EYFS but find that as pupils move through KS1 and KS2 that they need support to make full use of the school grounds and resources effectively. We offer a range of support programmes that help schools develop their confidence and skill in using their grounds more effectively


Cluster INSET. Working at a central school with staff from multiple local schools we run CPD/INSET training focusing on up-skilling teachers and support staff, giving them the skills and confidence to deliver simple sessions in an outdoor and active environment. Our training is tailored to meet the needs of that particular cluster of schools.

School INSET. Working with a single school we visit your school before hand to assess your needs and resources to then design and deliver a bespoke INSET day that builds upon your specific needs and resources.

MultiSkills testing.

This 3 visit package is suitable for all primary school children, who  we assess through a range of activities looking at Agility / Balance / Coordination. Our ongoing feedback to the school allows them to work on areas of strength and areas in need of improvement to ensure their pupils develop the core skills that will benefit them whatever form of activity they enjoy throughout their school career and later in life.

Change4Life ‘Adventure’ and ‘Movement’ clubs.

The Change4Life initiative aims to help narrow the achievement gap by targeting those learners who will benefit most from the health and education improvements delivered.

Within the whole school but specifically within Y3 and Y4 you might wish to target vulnerable groups or those identified by existing school data within your whole school plan, such as attendance records or National Child measurement programme data, e.g. pupils in receipt of free school meals or those with special educational needs. However depending on the targeted learners’ needs it may still be appropriate to open the club up to others, e.g. friends, siblings or self-nominated participants.

Change4Life Adventure. Using Adventure and the outdoors as a hook to attract pupils interest we deliver a range of activities that show young people that activity and exercise can happen beyond the sports field. 

Change4Life MovementUsing Creativity and performance as a stepping stone into activity we invite pupils to do the ‘Hakka’ or Cheerleading, these activities build upon pupils sense of creativity and imagination to act as a gateway to physical expression and activity.

 Cross Curricular Adventure Days

Choose from a range of activities including Archery, Bushcraft, Orienteering and Teambuilding and with our help we design a day that meets the needs and learning outcomes of your class and Pupils.

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