Brilliant residentials provide extremely powerful learning opportunities for young people of all ages and abilities, as well as having an impact on teachers and schools as a whole. Learning Away  found that to make the most of this potential, residentials needed to be thoroughly planned as learning experiences  with the emphasis on moving from ‘We’ll do this because we did it last year’ approach to one that is purposeful, meets students’ identified needs, and takes into account long-term aims and related outcomes – not only of the residential programme but of the school, or partnership of schools, as a whole.

The CPD package complements the existing Learning Away website  and is designed to be delivered using participatory, teaching and learning strategies. It draws on the real-life experiences and learning of many different schools,  are interactive, and include numerous opportunities for reflection and planning.  There are strands for both SLT/governors and school staff, covering:

  • An introduction to Learning Away and Brilliant Residentials: impacts, benefits and evidence
  • Why are residentials brilliant?
  • Planning a Brilliant Residential
  • Making Brilliant Residentials happen
  • Evaluating Brilliant Residentials
  • Embedding residentials into school culture